Writing Resources for Romance Novels

Learn how to write a Romance Novel ebook online

Weak Characters Lead to Weak Sales

“Interview” your Romance novel characters with reusable templates. Dig deep to create sexy heroes, strong heroines, memorable villains, and endearing sidekicks. You’ll also devise the 2 most crucial elements of your plot. 100+ pages, plus a bonus.

Learn how to write a Romance Novel ebook online

Learn to Write Romance from a #1 Bestseller

There’s an enormous difference between writing a Romance novel, and writing a Romance novel that sells. Several of Adrienne’s students ranked #1 on Amazon. Are you ready to jumpstart your own career?

Book Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Looking for an easy way to promote Romance novels? This guide goes beyond the promise of its title. It provides expert answers to marketing FAQ’s, plus real-world examples that generated book sales and 5-star reviews for the author.