Marketing on a Shoestring Budget:

How to Promote Your Novel Using Reviews

book marketing on a shoestring budget

Written by an award-winning publicist and bestselling Romance novelist, this guidebook is for authors who want to grow their readership and better understand marketing strategy.

How to Promote Your Novel Using Reviews goes well beyond the promise of its title. It provides expert answers to frequently asked marketing questions:

  • Should you invest money in a paid review?
  • What works better to generate a review: a Press Release or a Query Letter?
  • What’s a Sell Sheet and why do you need one?
  • How do you build an army of eager reviewers?
  • What can an author do on e-retailer sites to get more positive customer engagement?
  • What recourse do you have if a Hater targets your e-retailer site?
  • To avoid a libel lawsuit, what is the acceptable way to quote a review?
  • How can reviews be used in a book-marketing campaign?

This 24-page guidebook was created for authors, who would rather write novels than market them. The helpful documentation includes real-world examples that have actually “worked” in the trenches, generating first rate, professional book reviews—and sales from those reviews.

Included in the PDF guidebook are:

  • 16 different ways to use reviews in your book-marketing plan
  • A sample press release
  • A sample query letter
  • Samples of edited review content for promotional material
  • Tips for successful ebook blog tours

Special Bonus:

  • Download the Sell Sheet that generated positive reviews and helped Adrienne’s novel top the charts on Amazon.

About the Author

In addition to 30 years of marketing and publicity expertise, Adrienne possesses 20 years of hands-on book-selling experience. Before launching her Indie writing career, she wrote 5 novels for Legacy Publishers (Bantam and Avon/Harper Collins.) The tips she shares in How to Promote Your Novel Using Reviews come from her real-life, “in the trenches” experience as an author and publicist.

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