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You write, and revise, and re-write some more, but you’re still no closer to selling your Romance novel.

Sound familiar?

I can relate.

When I fell in love with Romance novels, I wanted to write what I was reading. I even had a talent for writing; at least, my high school English teacher seemed to think so. She gave me A’s on all my essays. But for some reason, New York publishers weren’t as appreciative of my efforts.

So I thought, “I know! I’ll find a group of Romance writers, people like me who dream of GETTING PAID to write love stories.”  So I joined a critique group. (Actually, I joined 4 critique groups. But who’s counting?)

Every week, like clockwork, I would meet with my writing buddies. Some of us were published. Some weren’t. Some of us wrote reams of pages every day. Some wrote only a few pages a week. Despite our hectic schedules, we all took Romance-writing seriously. I trusted and valued the feedback of my critique groups. That’s why I rushed home after every meeting and faithfully revised my manuscript.


After 6 years and hundreds of critiques, I was still receiving rejection letters from New York publishers! One editor informed me that my writing was stale—that I’d revised Chapter 1 “to death.”

And I thought:

‘What does she mean?!

‘How can she know that?!’  

I was SO frustrated and SO confused, I didn’t think I’d ever receive a book contract.


The answer to that question may surprise you.

I didn’t achieve my publishing dream just because I completed 2 novels. Or sat through dozens of workshops at 5 national conventions for Romance writers.

I didn’t get published because I was picked as a finalist in a prestigious, national contest for Romance writers.

Or because I acquired 2 literary agents!


I got my first book contract because I found a published mentor, who was willing to admit what so many of her peers had staunchly denied:

There’s a formula for writing commercial Romance novels.


I’m not sure why Romance authors get so defensive about the topic of formulaic writing. All commercial fiction has a formula.

In fact, it’s the formula that keeps readers buying genre books! 

For instance:

    • In the Horror genre, the villain is supposed to be a whacked-out psycho.
    • In the Fantasy genre, the protagonist has to cope with magic or the supernatural.
    • In the Western genre, the hero must decide whether to embrace “The Law of the Gun.”

In the Romance genre, readers also have a clear and specific set of expectations. If you want to earn money writing Romance, you must satisfy the expectations of your reading audience. That means you need to write a cohesive plot that puts all the “right” elements of a Romance in the “right” order.


Writing Romance is not like writing English essays, or news articles, or mysteries, or fantasy novels.  There’s a secret formula to writing a Romance—a formula that popular authors have mastered. (That’s why their books sell so well!) To learn that formula, you would have to study hundreds of Romance novels (which doesn’t always guarantee success.)

Or you would have to spend thousands of dollars at a local college.  (Assuming, of course, that your college professor actually knows the Romance formula. Unfortunately, most college professors only know how to teach literary fiction. A literary novel won’t earn you a book contract from Harlequin or Avon.)

Now let’s be real. If you’re like most wordsmiths, you don’t have enough time to write, much less to study writing. You’re probably cramming a bazillion responsibilities into your day, and your laptop doesn’t even get fired up until you’ve shooed everybody off to bed.


With my on-demand video classes, you can learn to write commercial Romance any time you like—even at 2 am.  Plus, you’ll be learning from me:  a #1 bestselling, award-winning author, who actually has a TRACK RECORD of helping other Romance authors top the charts at Amazon.

If you’re ready to live your Romance-writing dream, I’m here to help. Check out my on-demand video course, Romance Road Map: The Secret Formula for Plotting Romance Novels.

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