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Writing Romance: Which Romance Hero Sells Best?

When writing Romance, have you ever wondered why bestselling authors keep churning out the same hero? Just to be clear: I’m not talking about elevating the sidekick in Book 1, to hero status in Book 2. I’m talking about applying the same basic, male persona to every Romance hero, regardless of his profession or historical era—for […]

Love Described by Children: A Precious Must-Read

A group of professional people posed a question to children, ages four through eight. The answers were broader, deeper, and more profound than the researchers imagined. (Yes, I cried.)  See what you think… Question: “What is love?” Answers: “When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather […]

Dangers of Plotting Romance Novels in Restaurants #Romancenovels #writerslife #humor #writetip

(Author’s Note: In this True Tale from my Writer’s Life, all names were changed to protect the innocent…) So there we sat, two innocent but extremely vocal writers, brainstorming the plot for my Romantic Suspense. We were meeting for lunch at a restaurant — we’ll call this eatery, “Benny’s.” On this particular day, Patty had […]

Romance Writing: “Professional” Advice May Hurt Your Sales! #Romancenovels #writetip #selfpub #amwriting

When Romance writers are starting their careers, they need training. They don’t know how to differentiate between writing advice that advances their publication goals, and writing advice that is useless – or even detrimental. In their eagerness for story feedback, aspiring authors often surrender sections of their book to any self-proclaimed professional, thinking that a […]

Career Killer: Sometimes Your First Book SHOULDN’T Be Published #Romancenovels #selfpub #writetip #amwriting

Before I was a successful Romance author, my published mentors would lecture me: “You must finish your first Romance so you can learn how to write book-length fiction. You must finish your second Romance to get published.” Needless to say, this advice rankled. I was already an award-winning journalist. Getting my first Romance contract was […]