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I asked Adrienne to critique and line edit my first short erotic romance. Her insights, suggestions and techniques made my story much richer. I’m now applying everything I learned from Adrienne to my (bestselling novels.) I really appreciate her advice and encouragement and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their writing.

In my fiction writing, Adrienne pinpointed weak areas quickly and offered excellent suggestions for improvement, which helped me get my first publication credit in an anthology of short stories. Adrienne is a wonderful, inspiring writing coach and teacher.

Working with Adrienne was a great investment. (She) was a huge asset to the final product of my book. It was great knowing I could turn to an experienced writer for advice!

Not only has Adrienne written successful Romance novels, she has mastered the skills for helping other writers succeed. Through her keen insights and intuitive advice, my current manuscript has been refined into the type of work that shines. Thank you, Adrienne, for helping me become a (bestselling) author!

“Thank you for your insights. I really had no idea why my manuscripts kept getting rejected. Now I have a direction and a plan of action.”

“I don’t think I could have had a better or more sympathetic editor.”

“Adrienne is excellent at teaching the commercial aspects of writing. I had an author come to us with a novel that was not commercially viable. I sent her to Adrienne for coaching. This author came back with a phenomenal re-write. The book was just recently released and is pulling excellent reviews, averaging 4.6 stars at Amazon.” 

I so appreciate your help with this project. I have been working on it for over 2 years and have not been able to pull it together. I have been very hungry for some positive feedback, so (your comments) make me feel great! I will keep moving forward!

Adrienne’s comments encouraged and helped me focus on the technical aspects as a beginning writer without becoming overwhelmed.

Thank you for your critique. It was very useful. You taught me more in this email than I learned in 9 months of the (critique) club I was in.

You are very motivating and inspiring! Your feedback was spot on, and I’ve learned a lot from you.

Anyone who hires (Adrienne) as their writing coach is getting an understanding and talented teacher to hold their hand through a barren landscape until they see the forest.

Thank you for your interest in my mentorship program. I look forward to helping you reach your publication goals!

If you’ve read my FAQs, then you know I have limited time to coach. Due to popular demand, I had to implement a selection process for new applicants.

How I Select Mentees:

Because my coaching time is limited, I give priority to applicants, who’ve completed 1 or more of my online video courses (excluding the free course, “15 Ways to Put the Magic Back in Writing.”) By completing one of my courses, you demonstrate that you’re serious about learning your craft, AND that you’ve received in-depth instruction in at least one of the foundations of COMMERCIAL Romance writing.

At that point, I can concentrate our coaching sessions on helping you develop your manuscript, rather than teaching you “basic fiction-writing skills.”

If you have not completed 1 or more of my online video courses, and you are still interested in being mentored, I will evaluate the first 10 pages of your manuscript. Your writing would need to demonstrate that:

I also look for applicants who:

    • Keep their appointments / meet deadlines
    • Listen calmly, without argument, to constructive criticism
    • Are fluent in English (both as writers and speakers)

How to Apply:

 ➡ Very Important: If you ONLY want feedback on your course assignments, then you must apply on a different page. Please go to the Package Pricing page, and complete the coaching application that you will find there.

If you want help with your work-in-progress — and if you feel like you meet the qualifications stated above — then please complete the following steps:

    • Pay the $25 application fee via PayPal (the purchase button is below.)
    • Download and complete the Application Form.
    • Email your completed form to me, along with the 1st ten pages of your manuscript. (Follow the formatting instructions on page 3 of the application form.)

If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll be eligible to choose between the Bronze or Gold pricing options. Learn more here.

Note: If you HAVE completed a paid video course on this website, you will NOT be required to pay the $25 application fee. 

Learn how to write a Romance Novel ebook online

When you click the “Buy Now” button, you will be taken to Paypal to pay $25. After your purchase, Paypal will redirect you back to this page, so you can download your application, which you will find under the “How to Apply” section, above.

Happy writing!