How to Write a Romance Novel Step by Step: Online Courses

Romance Novel Formula: What Readers Want to Buy

Writing Romance? Learn how to write romance novels step-by-step from a #1 bestselling author. Novel writing courses online include video instruction and private coaching.

Psst! You didn’t hear it from me, but…

Yes, Romance novels have a secret formula. Certain authors got popular because they mastered it. Now you, too, can write a Romance novel step by step, like bestselling authors do. Plot a page-turner!

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Your Paycheck Depends on Chapter 1

You must open your Romance novel with a bang, and keep the tension sizzling. But how do you do that? In this “deep dive” into Chapter 1, learn how to start a Romance novel and build the foundation for your plot. 

Writing romance? Learn how bestselling authors update the most popular themes in Romance to create unique plots and characters. Learn how to plot a romance novel step by step and how to structure a romance novel.

Sell More Books with 23 Beloved Storylines

What makes a good Romance novel? No matter how many times certain tales have been told, readers eagerly buy the next incarnation. Great authors “get” this. Master the 23 most popular themes in Romance!

Romance Writing Courses Online, On-Demand:

How to Write a Romance Novel Step by Step

Each Romance writing course in our Plotting catalog is taught online by an award-winning, bestselling Romance author. In our video courses, you will learn how to start a Romance novel; how to follow the Romance novel formula; how to structure a Romance novel plot, and how to repurpose the 23 most popular themes in the genre, so you can make money writing a Romance novel.

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