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Where Do I Start My (Freaking) Romance Novel?

The Toughest Chapter You’ll Ever Write

Course Description:

Your paycheck depends on Chapter 1. Whether you plan to sell to a publisher, or whether you plan to sell directly to readers as an Indie Author, your first chapter can kill your sale. In fact, your first sentence can kill your sale!

So how do you open your book with a bang, and keep the tension sizzling? In this humorous (cat-filled) course, you’ll learn the secrets of bestselling authors. 

For instance, do you know…

  • The top 3 reasons why authors write scenes? (And which ones won’t get you published?)
  • The best character to choose for telling your story?
  • Which hook grabs readers faster: character need, or heart-pounding action?
  • The 10 “writing rules” for Scene 1 of your Romance?

In addition, you’ll see why an award-winning author chose to delete Scene 1— which turned her Romance novel into a national bestseller.

Recommended Prerequisites:

Course Length: 

  • This is a video course with self-paced exercises. Allow at least 4 hours to complete this course at your leisure. Once you purchase the class, you will have access to its materials for 6 months. (Graduates of this course are eligible for discounts on private coaching.)

Also Featured in this Course:

  • How to Make Your Reader Fall in Love
  • Workshop: 11 Sneaky Ways to Hook Your Reader in the 1st Sentence
  • Workshop: How to Strike the (Delicate) Balance between Character & Plot
  • Workshop: How to Fix Chapter 1 Snoozers, like Backstory & Bloat
  • Workshop: From Crappy 1st Draft to Bestselling Novel (How I Fixed My Horrible 1st Chapter)
  • Tips from the Trenches: How to Self-Edit
  • 6 Great Ways to Reveal Your Characters’ Personalities
  • 3 Lessons
  • 3 Practice Exercises
  • 3 Course Extras
  • 20-Question Quiz after each Lesson
  • Certificate of Completion

You should take this course if:

  • You want to write a first chapter that sells your book; OR
  • You’ve been told your opening pages are slow or confusing; OR
  • You’ve revised Chapter 1 so many times that your story is stale; OR
  • Your opening scene lacks emotional tension or Romantic conflict; OR
  • Your plot has been criticized for its “holes;” OR
  • You rely on coincidences to move your story forward; OR
  • You’re not sure how to pick the viewpoint character for Scene 1; OR
  • You need new strategies for hooking your reader on Page 1; OR
  • You’re uncertain how to balance character exposition (backstory) with dramatic action (plot;) OR
  • You are writing your first commercial Romance.

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Texas resident, Adrienne deWolfe, has written six #1 bestselling Romance novels for Bantam, Avon, and ePublishing Works. Her books have earned a variety of distinctions, including the Best Historical Romance of the Year Award. She has taught commercial fiction to sell-out audiences at a local college, and she has led numerous writing workshops at national conventions.


I asked Adrienne to critique and line edit my first short erotic romance. Her insights, suggestions and techniques made my story much richer. I’m now applying everything I learned from Adrienne to my (bestselling novels.) I really appreciate her advice and encouragement and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their writing.

Jenn Roseton#1 Bestselling Author

There’s a difference between writing a story, and writing a story for a commercial audience. Very few authors make the transition to commercial viability. Adrienne is a gifted storyteller in her own right, and she has the ability to teach the craft to other authors. This is why we send authors to Adrienne when we see untapped potential.

Brian W. Paules, PublisherePublishing Works

You heightened my awareness of opening with suspense and engaging the reader. Anyone who hires you as their writing coach is getting an understanding and talented teacher to hold their hand through a barren landscape until they see the forest.

Donald MontanoPublished Author

I can’t wait to make the revisions you suggested and send my manuscript proposal back to (a Legacy Publisher.) I really feel like I’m on track to getting published this time!  And I couldn’t have done it without you.

Terri HollisterAspiring Romance Author

Thank you for your critique. It was very useful. You taught me more in this email than I learned in 9 months of the (critique) club I was in.

Janelle Roche Aspiring Romance Author

A wonderful author, speaker, and teacher, Adrienne’s comments encouraged and helped me focus on the technical aspects as a beginning writer without becoming overwhelmed.

Tambra Nicole KendallWriting Teacher & Published Author

Thank you SO much for the critique of the first chapter. It was incredibly helpful and insightful… You are such a phenom in the Romance industry, I figured I should begin my search (for help) with you.

Cindy HooperAspiring Romance Author

I so appreciate your help with this project. I have been working on it for over 2 years and have not been able to pull it together. I have been very hungry for some positive feedback, so (your comments) make me feel great! I will keep moving forward!

Laura WilsonAspiring Romantic Suspense Author

Thanks for the hard-hitting questions. They’re really helpful, and connected me back to my original intent with this book—to write a Gothic Romantic Suspense novel.

Justin GlanvilleAspiring Romance Author

Finally. A writer who knows how to teach without boring you to tears. Sure, you might be able to get your book published without Adrienne’s help, but why play “The Struggling Writer Game” when you’ve got a first-class professional to teach you the ropes? This class is worth every penny, and Adrienne’s critiques are worth their weight in gold!

J.P. CoyleAspiring Romance Author

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