Self-Paced Video Course

Where Do I Start My (Freaking) Romance Novel?

The Toughest Chapter You’ll Ever Write

Course Description:

Your paycheck depends on Chapter 1. Whether you plan to sell to a publisher, or whether you plan to sell directly to readers as a self-published author, your first chapter can kill your sale. In fact, your first sentence can kill your sale!

So how do you open your book with a bang, and keep the tension sizzling? In this humorous (cat-filled) course, you’ll learn the secrets of the bestselling Romance authors. 

For instance, do you know…

  • The top 3 reasons why authors write scenes? (And which ones won’t get you published?)
  • The best character to choose for telling your story?
  • Which hook grabs readers faster: character need, or heart-pounding action?
  • The 10 “writing rules” for Scene 1 of your Romance?

In addition, you’ll get a sneak peek into an award-winning author’s writing process: why she deleted Chapter 1 and rewrote it — turning her Romance into a national bestseller.

Recommended Prerequisite:

Course Length: 

  • Allow 2 to 3 hours to complete this course at your own pace. (Graduates of this course are eligible for discounts on private coaching.)

Also Featured in this Course:

  • Tips for Making Your Reader Turn the Pages
  • How to Identify Bloat and Backstory
  • Blueprint for Plotting Your Romance (Worksheet)
  • Analysis of Published Hooks
  • Annotated Opening of a Bestselling Romance
  • 3 Lessons
  • 3 Course Extras
  • 20-Question Quiz after each Lesson
  • Certificate of Completion