Self-Paced Video Course

Modern Makeovers for Romance Novels

Sell More Romance Novels with 14 Beloved Storylines

Course Description:

Stumped for a plot idea? Romance readers never grow tired of these 14 universal themes. Write a plot that readers love to love! 

In this course, you’ll learn how to make plotting easier by putting a fresh spin on popular boy-meets-girl stories. We’ll examine how readers make buying decisions. We’ll also study how bestsellers combine Romance Tropes and Archetypes to keep their stories unique. 

Recommended Prerequisites:

Course Length: 

  • Allow 2 to 3 hours to complete this course at your own pace. (Graduates of this course are eligible for discounts on private coaching.)

Also Featured in this Course:

  • Strategies for Weaving Multiple Subplots into Your Storyline
  • Recommended Books & Movies (Featuring the 14 Most Beloved Romance Archetypes)
  • Newbie Errors: 5 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Your Reader
  • Plotting Checklist: Best Practices for Planning a Romance Novel
  • 3 Lessons
  • 3 Course Extras
  • 20-Question Quiz after each Lesson
  • Certificate of Completion

You should take this course if:

  • You’re looking for a proven storyline that Romance readers want to buy; OR
  • You want to make plotting easier so you can write more books faster; OR
  • Editors have rejected your manuscript because of its plot; OR
  • Romance readers are giving your plot poor reviews on Amazon; OR
  • Publishing professionals suggest that female readers wouldn’t be interested in your story; OR
  • You want to put a fresh spin on an old tale; OR
  • You haven’t read 30 new Romance novels, published by Legacy Publishers in the last 2 years.


Adrienne is excellent at teaching the commercial aspects of writing. I had an author come to us with a novel that was not commercially viable. I sent her to Adrienne as a writing coach. This author came back with a phenomenal re-write. The book was just recently released and is pulling excellent reviews, averaging 4.6 stars at Amazon. 

Brian W. Paules, PublisherePublishing Works

Thank you for your insights. I really had no idea why my (Romance) manuscripts kept getting rejected. Now I have a direction and a plan of action. I would definitely recommend this (class.)

William Saurisen, Jr.Aspiring Romance Author

Adrienne knows how to write beautifully, but more than that, she understands how to motivate her students to excel.

Marilyn McBrideAspiring Author

The most valuable class on writing I have ever had. Adrienne is truly a professional. I will recommend her and take a class by her again.

H. CruikshankAspiring Author

Working with Adrienne was a great investment. (She) was a huge asset to the final product of my book. It was great knowing I could turn to an experienced writer for advice!

Christie MuellerPublished Author

Adrienne has given us the tools to be successful.

L.J. TompkinsAspiring Author

Thank you, Adrienne! You must have worked very hard on this (critique and homework plan!) I am very pleased. This is so exciting, exactly what I was looking for. And with the extra (character and) plotting help, I should be making improvements shortly!

Sharron TanParanormal Romance Author