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How to Write Heroes Who Sound Like Real Men

In your head, he’s the ultimate mate. On the page…not so much!

Is Your Hero Costing You Sales?

Course Description:

You won’t sell Romance novels unless readers fall in love with your hero. Period.

The trouble is, men have been mystifying women for centuries. So how is a female Romance writer supposed to create that all-important male protagonist if she doesn’t understand how men think?

This course goes far beyond the nuts and bolts of choosing your hero’s hair color. Through concrete writing examples, you’ll learn:

    • How men (and women) think and communicate;
    • How to develop male and female characters through point of view, dialogue, body language, and GMC (goal, motivation, and conflict;)
    • The positive and negative traits of Alpha and Beta personalities (so you can develop complex, interesting, and memorable characters;) and
    • Strategies for writing heroes and heroines that modern-day readers can admire.

Recommended Prerequisites:

Course Length:

  • This is a video course with self-paced exercises. Allow at least 4 hours to complete this course at your leisure. Once you purchase the class, you will have access to its materials for 6 months. (Graduates of this course are eligible for discounts on private coaching.)

Also Featured in this Course:

  • Long Live Evil: 10 Tips for Writing Villains
  • Best Practices: 3 Rules for Writing Sidekicks
  • Why Characters Shouldn’t Talk Like Real People
  • When Your Hero Must Swear: Guidelines for Explicit Language
  • Memory Lane: Popular Alphas and Betas from Hollywood and TV
  • Annotated Excerpts from Bestselling Romance Novels
  • 3 GMC Workshops: Tips for Writing Memorable Characters
  • 3 Lessons
  • 9 Practice Exercises
  • 5 Course Extras
  • 20-Question Quiz after each Lesson
  • Certificate of Completion

You Should Take This Course If:

    • Publishing professionals keep sending you canned rejection letters; OR
    • Beta Readers (or customer reviewers) claim that your characters are flat, weak, unlikable, or confusing; OR
    • You’ve been accused of writing male / female stereotypes; OR
    • You don’t want your hero to read like a jerk, and your heroine to read like a wimp; OR
    • Your story has been revised so many times that you’re bored or frustrated; OR
    • You struggle to write witty, provocative, or humorous dialogue; OR
    • You’d rather write about your sidekick (because your hero isn’t as interesting;) OR
    • Your goal is to write a variety of personality types (and eventually, a variety of fiction genres;) OR
    • You’d like a better understanding of male behavior, male psychology, and male communication; OR
    • Your strength is plotting, rather than characterization.

Say "Howdy" to Your Instructor!

Texas resident, Adrienne deWolfe, has written six #1 bestselling Romance novels for Bantam, Avon, and ePublishing Works. Her books have earned a variety of distinctions, including the Best Historical Romance of the Year Award. She has taught commercial fiction to sell-out audiences at a local college, and she has led numerous writing workshops at national conventions.


My best friend can’t stop talking about your classes. Thanks to your manuscript critique, she just became a finalist in the first writing contest she ever entered. That was enough to convince me to sign up!

Jeni CarlisleAspiring Author

Adrienne is excellent at teaching the commercial aspects of writing. I had an author come to us with a novel that was not commercially viable. I sent her to Adrienne for coaching. This author came back with a phenomenal re-write. The book was just recently released and is pulling excellent reviews, averaging 4.6 stars at Amazon. 

Brian W. Paules, PublisherePublishing Works

Finally. A writer who knows how to teach without boring you to tears. Sure, you might be able to get your book published without Adrienne’s help, but why play “The Struggling Writer Game” when you’ve got a first-class professional to teach you the ropes? This class is worth every penny, and Adrienne’s critiques are worth their weight in gold!

JP CoyleAspiring Romance Author

I can’t wait to make the revisions you suggested and send my manuscript proposal back to (a Legacy Publisher.) I really feel like I’m on track to getting published this time!  And I couldn’t have done it without you.

Terri HollisterAspiring Author

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