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50 Ways to Give Your Hero Sex Appeal

Valiant Rebels, Charming Rogues…

What Makes a Hero Sexy?

Course Description:

Learn the tricks that bestsellers use to make a sigh-worthy hero. You’ll receive 50 concrete writing tips (with examples) that will give your Good Boys, Bad Boys, and Hybrid Heroes sex appeal. 

In addition, you’ll learn how to use your “Writer’s Toolkit” to convey emotion, create humor, and develop memorable heroes.

Recommended Prerequisites:

Course Length:

  • This is a video course with self-paced exercises. Allow at least 4 hours to complete this course at your leisure. Once you purchase the class, you will have access to its materials for 6 months. (Graduates of this course are eligible for discounts on private coaching.)

Also Featured in this Course:

  • The Hero who Hides in Ordinary Guys (Workshop on Applying the 50 Tips)
  • Funny Heroes & Sassy Heroines (Workshop on Situational Humor)
  • Romance Reader Survey: What Makes a Hero Desirable
  • The Sex Appeal Checklist
  • When Heroes Must Swear: How to Avoid Offense
  • The Fragile Bond between Authors and Readers
  • 4 Lessons
  • 8 Practice Exercises
  • 4 Course Extras
  • 20-Question Quiz after each Lesson
  • Certificate of Completion

You Should Take This Course If:

  • You’re looking for concrete ways to make your hero lovable; OR
  • Publishing professionals suggest that your male characters are “flat,” “weak,” or “stereotypical;” OR
  • Reviewers hint that your hero isn’t as sexy or charismatic as you think he is; OR
  • Your historical heroes have been criticized for their lack of appeal to modern-day readers; OR
  • You learn best by watching a published professional analyze writing samples; OR
  • You’d like to hone your skills and add new “tools” to your writer’s toolkit.

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Texas resident, Adrienne deWolfe, has written six #1 bestselling Romance novels for Bantam, Avon, and ePublishing Works. Her books have earned a variety of distinctions, including the Best Historical Romance of the Year Award. She has taught commercial fiction to sell-out audiences at a local college, and she has led numerous writing workshops at national conventions.


I can’t wait to make the revisions you suggested and send my manuscript proposal back to (a Legacy Publisher.) I really feel like I’m on track to getting published this time!  And I couldn’t have done it without you.

Terri HollisterAspiring Author

So excited! Got an agent! Adrienne is a top-notch-teacher.

R.B. SheltonAspiring Author

Finally. A writer who knows how to teach without boring the class to tears. Sure, you might be able to get your book published without Adrienne’s help, but why play “The Struggling Writer Game” when you’ve got a first-class professional to teach you the ropes?

J.P. CoyleAspiring Author

Adrienne has given us the tools to be successful.

L.J. TomkinsAspiring Author

I asked Adrienne to critique and line edit my first short erotic romance. Her insights, suggestions and techniques made my story much richer. I’m now applying everything I learned from Adrienne to my (bestselling novels.) I really appreciate her advice and encouragement and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their writing.

Jenn Roseton#1 Bestselling Author

Thank you for your critique. It was very useful. You taught me more in this email than I learned in 9 months of the (critique) club I was in.

Janelle RocheAspiring Romance Author