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Writers Block, Procrastination

Prevent Writer’s Block

Every writer needs a well-stocked arsenal to blast through writer’s block. But what if you could prevent writer’s block — with all its panic attacks, missed deadlines, and lost income?

Are You Wasting Your Marketing Dollars on a 400-Page Flop?

Are you serious about selling your Romance novel? Then you need to understand the Romance business before you write a book that bombs.

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Are You Guilty of Writing Girly Heroes?

To write a successful Romance novel, you must understand how “real men” think and talk. Welcome to the ultimate crash course in male communication and psychology!

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Valiant Rebels, Charming Rogues

What Makes a Hero Sexy?

What is sex appeal? And how do you write fictional men, who have it? Develop your Writer’s Toolkit by studying the secrets of the bestselling Romance authors.

Online Video Course, Self-Paced, Adrienne deWolfe

Your Paycheck Depends on Chapter 1

You must open your book with a bang, and keep the tension sizzling. But how do you achieve those lofty writing goals? Learn the tricks of the bestsellers.

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Sell More Books with 14 Beloved Storylines

Romance readers never tire of these universal themes. Make plotting easier by putting a fresh spin on these wildly popular boy-meets-girl stories. 

You didn’t hear it from me, but…

Yes, There’s a Formula for Plotting a Romance Novel

Want eager readers to keep buying your books? Then you need to follow the Romance Road Map.

The Art of Seduction

The goal of any good love scene is to seduce your reader — but not with vivid descriptions of body parts. (Surprise!) Learn these Bestseller’s Secrets for writing sensual love scenes that turn up the heat from “Sweet and Tender” to “OMG!